Tips For Choosing A Business Insurance Policy

Choosing the right business insurance policy is often not as easy as insuring your car or home. Whilst there are currently fewer providers of commercial insurance than personal cover, the same guidelines apply whatever type of policy you need. Getting a good deal basically comes down to three elements. Know what you need, reduce the risk and shop around. What Issues Do You Need to Consider? If you want to keep your insurance costs as low as possible, thinking of ways to reduce your risk and shopping around for a good deal is a good way to do it. You could reduce the risk by increasing your business’ security measures, or choosing a different type of policy that assigns risk in a different way. – Try to be accurate when you’re considering what you really need to insure for. Many companies purchase too much cover or not enough – it’s difficult to strike the right balance. – Find a company that’s willing to be flexible when it comes to meeting your needs. You won’t want exactly the same kind of cover for all of your business assets, and you’ll likely need more than one kind of liability insurance too. – Shopping for business insurance is not as easy or quick as other types of general insurance, but it’s worthwhile taking the time. You’re probably going to be tempted to spend only a day or two on this and then make a quick decision to save some time, but that quick decision might cost you money in the long term. – If it’s feasible, insure as much as possible with one insurer, so you can take advantage of bulk discounts (only when feasible, however. If you run a highly specialized type of business, it may be better to insure with a provider that has experience in your type of industry) – Make absolutely sure that you understand everything your policy covers. Pay special attention to exclusions, excesses, and depreciation clauses. The latter is particularly important if your business relies on expensive equipment or machinery. Final Points to Keep in Mind Here are some additional things to think about when you’re shopping for business insurance. – Try to choose an insurer that specializes in the type of business you do. If you’re involved in manufacturing, for example, choose one that specializes in insuring heavy machinery. They’ll be able to calculate your level of risk and your premiums more accurately. – Once you’ve decided what insurance you need, write it down and then stick to your plan. Don’t let your insurer talk you into buying cover that you don’t want or need. It’s expensive enough when it’s life cover or health insurance, but buying business cover that isn’t necessary can be a large chunk of money down the drain. – Try to buy insurance that can grow as your business does. In addition, think about how business growth might affect your insurance needs in the future. Will aging equipment need to be replaced in the next few years? – Be careful that you don’t inadvertently falsify any information. If you have to make a claim and any information you supply is found to be incorrect, your claim, and your policy, will be invalidated. – Remember that employer’s liability insurance is compulsory if you employ at least one person in addition to yourself (even if they work only part-time).


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